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Prof. Dr. Muteho Kasongo Coordinator of the ULPGL Ethical Committee

Prof. Dr. Muteho Kasongo
Coordinator of the ULPGL Ethical Committee

Before conducting any research, publication or any intervention related to human being, politics, economics, culture, environmental actions,  it is recommended that the research or intervention be checked by an official Ethical committee, in order to avoid in advance the violation of ethical standards which can impact negatively people’s life  as well as on politics, economics, health  and environment .

In this line, in the Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (ULPGL Goma) an Ethical committee named Comité d’Ethique ULPGL GOMA (ULPGL ETHICAL COMMITTEE) has been officially created, in 2005, to be in charge of ethical review or examination of this kind of research.

Objectives of the Ethical committee

  1. To ensure that all research, actions or publications respect the ethical standards in all its stages of implementation
  2. To check sensitive ethical issues in process of data collection and treatment
  3. To provide ethical orientation to the researcher in order to avoid violation of human rights and other sensitive issues related to local culture, environment, animals, water, land, natural resources.
  4. To suggest ethical alternatives to the searcher.

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